10 Easy Ways to End Your 2016 With a Bang

10 Easy Ways to End Your 2016 With a Bang

10 Easy Ways to End Your 2016 With a Bang. STL Black Biz wants to show you 10 Easy Ways to End Your 2016 With a Bang. The New Year is upon us and many of us are reflecting back on 2016 and planning our 2017. We’ve decided to offer just a few tidbits on ending your business year a a good note.Find ways to become a better entrepreneur.

  1. Meditate, pray and study on how you want to improve as a person. Discover ways to become a greater leader. And study! Yes I know you’re done with school. But success people are lifelong learners. Continue to read information revolving around the type of business that you’re in. Print and online magazines such as Forbes and Entrepreneur have lots of information that newbie and seasoned entrepreneurs can use.

    2. Stay Well Connected

    Don’t forget the great connections you’ve made during this year and previous ones. If you have not spoken with those you met through networking drop them an email, a message or a text. You can even go as far as picking up the phone and wishing them a happy holiday. This will go a long way in staying on their mind. And it’s also a great business move.

  1. It’s Time For a Deep Cleaning

    Give your office and work space a deep cleaning. A clean home, work space and personal space allows the chance for more clarity. Yes I know some of you think that working in a messy and an organized space works well for you. That’s possible, but that cluttered work space is more like an obstacle course than a place of business.

 10 Easy Ways to End Your 2016 With a Bang

  1. Review Your Goals From Last Year

    Review your goals from 2016. Review where you succeeded and not so much. Contemplate what you need to improve on and what you did you right.

  1. Rest! Relax! Revitalize!

    Included in your 10 Easy Ways to end your 2016 with a bang are ways to get yourself in gear for the New Year by resting and relaxing. Take a day or two to turn off the cell, fax and laptop. Forget about the time, and switch your mind off. Get a massage and indulge in your favorite libation. Even offer yourself a guilty pleasure by watching some ridiculous reality show. The goal is to just chill for chill sake.

  1. Snuggle Up With a Good Book Self Help

    Read books that will inspire and uplift you.  This will keep you motivated and on top of your game and it helps to know that many great business leaders have walked in your very footsteps.

  1. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

    And of course prepare your goals for the next year. These goals can be daily, weekly and evening monthly. Be sure to be specific and add your target dates.


  1. Make Last Minute Business Purchases

    If buying much needed office supplies has been on your mind then go for it. Here’s the time to stock up. Due to it being the end of the year you are guaranteed to come across your excellent deals. Office purchases could lower your profits, pushing you into a lower tax bracket. Speak with your CPA.


  1. Clean House

    Clean your house. Not necessarily physically. Remove people from your environment that may be weighing you down. Remove yourself if need be. This might mean firing a member of your staff that has drained you and your business. This could also be friend who never has a good thing say or no encouraging words.

  1. Again Create Your Goals For 2017

    Don’t think about them. Write them out. Make a plan on how you’re going to accomplish your goals and then make it happen. Use whatever means that works best for you; a cool task app in your phone or good old pen and paper. Either way just does it.


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