Tracie Berry and SistaKeeper reveal the Wellness Mobile, servicing the St. Louis community.

Tracie Berry – McGhee has done it again. This powerhouse is the founder of SistaKeeper and the I Define ME Movement. Tracie founded the SistaKeeper Empowerment Center in 2002. As a licensed therapist she has worked with young girls and women. As a writer and motivational speaker, McGhee has traveled the globe guiding young girls and women into finding their purpose.

Tracie joins forces with the Missouri History Museum and the YWCA for this year’s International Day of the Girl. The International Day of the Girl Virtual Summit will be held on Friday, October 9th, 2020 12:30 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. via Zoom. This Virtual Summit will unite 500 girls to celebrate being Educated, being Authentic, and being an I Define Me, Girl!

The keynote speaker for the day will be Diamond Shields of the Chicago Sky Women’s NBA. Guests of the symposium will also participate in a Q & A with women entrepreneurs. There will be a Young Women under 30 Panel, and a Teen Panel. Vocalist Morgan Taylor, the Central and Performing Arts Dancers, and spoken word artists will provide entertainment. An amazing virtual field trip sponsored by the Missouri Historical Society and the YWCA will be offered to those in attendance.

Not only will the I DefineMe founder collaborate with the Missouri Historical Society and the YWCA she will also reveal her new Wellness Mobile on Sunday, October 11th finishing out Friday’s celebration.

Because of her love for girls and women, the idea of taking mental health into the community cultivated from a vision to reality. As a therapist, Tracie wanted to sow seeds by showing girls the value of writing out their dreams and goals by journaling.

The Wellness Mobile will focus on wellness in our community. It will offer services surrounding financial literacy and the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of its visitors. Poetry books that empower, journals, and wellness products such as body butter, soap, sanitizer, mask, IDM bands, lanyards, tee shirts, hoodies, and more will be available!

Once the Wellness Mobile doors are open the group will also offer Pop Up Shops highlighting I Define Me girl entrepreneurs, ambassadors & Community Wellness Days! The mobile will visit community centers, schools, libraries, and churches with Community Keeper resources!

Tracie says, “we want our SistaKeeper girls to know they must define themselves and not society and that women are Keepers to our community, and we see them, we support and celebrate their visions!” We envision girls from around the world boarding the bus to take the I Define Me Girl Pledge!!

“When God places a dream in your spirit, a seed is planted and all I know is to nurture that seed so that we can all grow! This wellness mobile is a manifestation of that seed!” ~ Tracie Berry-McGhee

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