First Black Female Harley Davidson technician makes history. STL Black Biz was afforded the opportunity to speak with Paris.  She is the first Black, female Harley-Davidson technician. She is a graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute of Orlando, with a specialization in Harley-Davidson, and the only female in her graduating class. 

First Black Female Harley Davidson technician makes history doing what she loves. Paris McGowan grew up as a child surrounded by motorcycles. It comes naturally and it runs in her blood. Her mother, father, uncles, and many of her family members are riders and motorcyclist enthusiasts such as herself.

During an interview with Paris, while she was supporting Sista Keepers and female empowerment, STL Black Biz was afforded the opportunity to learn more about this powerful woman.

How did you start working on motorcycles?

I started working on motorcycles because of curiosity. Before becoming a technician, I knew nothing about motorcycles even though I grew up around bikes. I started riding on my own and eventually, I wanted to know how they worked. After literally taking my bike apart and putting it back together I decided to attend school to become a mechanic.

Do you expect to see more women, especially black women in this field?

Yes of course. I’m the first African American female technician to work at Harley-Davidson. You barely see any Black technicians working on a Harley-Davidson, but here we are.

What advice would you give to a young girl or woman who wants to work in your field?

It is going to be hard and you need to put forth more effort because you are a woman. They will look down on you but, don’t that stop you. Never let anyone deter you from whatever you want to do.

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