Rich Rags where classy meets the loop offers unique and trendy fashion for today’s stylish woman. The owner of Rich Rags is Tasha Mayes. Tasha Mayes is the woman behind the concept of Rich Rags, which offers fashion choices that typically are not found in your local malls.

The Delmar Loop is an area full of great restaurants, shops, and cute boutiques. On any day you can see an eclectic group of shoppers and onlookers taking a leisurely stroll along Delmar Blvd in this area better known as “The Loop”.

During such a trying time due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are barely making it. One would think it would be crazy to start a business during this time.

Then on the other hand you have your daredevils and water walkers stepping out on faith and starting a business amongst the craziness. Tasha Mayes is that daredevil and water walker we speak of.

Who is Tasha Mayes aka Tasha Morales?

I am a mother, an entrepreneur, and a woman who loves fashion and everything pertaining to beauty.

What motivated you to open a brick and mortar?

I started online through social media and I attended many of the pop shops held in St. Louis. I found myself selling out of my products, most likely due to my ability to connect with my customers. I felt that creating and offering an intimate space is what my boutique was missing, so I decided that it was time to open a brick-and-mortar.

When did you realize that you were interested in entrepreneurship?

At the age of 21, I took over a BBQ restaurant initially owned by a previous family who was no longer interested in running the business. Even though I dislike cooking I decided to take over because it was an adventure, I was willing to take on.

Why is it important to support black businesses?

Black businesses are on the rise and we spend money the fastest. If we spend money within our own communities then that money would generate within our own communities. Then we can start to create our own generational wealth for our culture.

What advice would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Don’t be discouraged and follow your heart when it comes to making decisions. It’s important to do your research. Also stay motivated, and positive and, follow people who are like-minded and those you visualize yourself being like one day. Remember to surround yourself around good people so that you are not easily discouraged.

In closing Tasha wants everyone to know that what’s meant for you and what’s for you will be for you regardless.

To learn more about Rich Rags visit Rich Rags on Facebook, Instagram, and online at Rich Rags is located at 6321 Delmar Blvd. in University City, MO

To discover more about Tasha and Rich Rags where classy meets the loop stay tuned for the full video interview coming soon.