Meet Brande Thomas, of Scents for Less by Brande. Brande Thomas Talks Good Scents. Thomas is a black female entrepreneur who is making a name for herself throughout the St. Louis area. Scents for Less by Brande offers perfume products in an array of price ranges to fit different budgets.

Thomas was recently named and accepted to the newest cohort 5 of The Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women: Black In Business Program!

Scents for less by Brandy

Who is Brande Thomas?

I am someone who values authentic relationships, which are, non-judgmental. I have a genuine desire to encourage others who cross my path and come into my life.

So, I see that your mother loved perfume so much she sold designer fragrances and was known as the Perfume Lady until her passing in 2013. Why did you choose to carry on family the business?

To be honest it chose me. I wanted my mom’s customers to continue getting quality perfume at affordable prices. 

Tell us more about Scents for Less by Brande.

Scents for Less by Brande is an online authentic designer and niche perfume boutique. I understand that when you smell good you feel good. Perfume allows for an enhanced experience through your senses that can lead to higher confidence and sophistication. It also leaves a memorable impression.

Can you give me one good tip on how to purchase perfume?

One good tip I always share when you’re purchasing perfume try it on your skin. Regardless of gender narratives when it’s all said and done you should wear whatever smells good on you!

Share something your audience doesn’t know about Brande Thomas.

Believe it or not, I wanted to be a journalist. My cousin Kim Ballentine went to journalism school and as a teenage girl, I looked up to her. She was beautiful, she was intelligent, and she knew elite people. Not to mention I loved to talk and stay abreast of things happening in our society. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship and running a business what’s the scariest thing you’ve had to face?

The scariest thing I’ve had to face is getting over the fear of selling! Believe It Not I don’t like asking people to buy. However, I have learned when you design a strategy and offer value, the products will sell themselves.

Scents By Brande For Less

In closing what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

The advice I would offer is to start where you are. Prioritize your time. Find a great coach or mentor to hold you accountable. Lastly, always, always provide great value with your product or service. Do more than what is expected!

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