Many of you may know Michelle Robinson as the founder of the DEMIblue Vegan Nail Polish Brand, but did you know that she is also the driving force behind the STL Business Besties Group? Unlike other Facebook groups, the STL Business Besties Group is more than networking, giving out business cards, and sitting in a corner with associates you already know. The purpose of the group is to bring like-minded entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs together to obtain resources, gain knowledge, and connect.

With dual Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Managerial Science, along with a Manicurist License, Michelle worked in the St. Louis healthcare and education industries for over 18 years before creating DEMIblue.

Realizing there was a need for a safer, non-toxic nail polish Michelle started her quest to create a safer product for her mother’s needs and others seeking a safer route to beautiful nails. Inspired by her mother’s journey with cancer, DEMIblue was created with the mission to offer a healthier alternative to traditional nail polishes.

Aimed at promoting collaboration and empowerment among local entrepreneurs, the group brings experts from various business sectors through workshops and regular meetups. During the meetings, Robinson encourages participants to share knowledge, resources, and experiences to bolster each other’s businesses.

Members of STL Business Besties represent diverse industries, from tech startups and creative agencies to local retail and service providers. Robinson’s vision is to create a network where entrepreneurs can forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that benefit both their businesses and the broader community.

One of the key features of STL Business Besties is its emphasis on personal development and mentorship. Robinson believes in the power of mentorship to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and help them navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business.

Robinson’s own journey as an entrepreneur in St. Louis has inspired her to give back to the community and uplift fellow business owners. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive business environment has garnered respect and recognition within the local entrepreneurial community.

As STL Business Besties continues to expand its reach and influence in St. Louis, Robinson remains committed to its core values of collaboration, empowerment, and community. Through her leadership and the collective efforts of its members, STL Business Besties is not only shaping the future of entrepreneurship in St. Louis but also setting a precedent for collaborative success in business communities nationwide.

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