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5 Things You Can Do Instead of Bad Talking All Black Businesses

5 Things You Can Do Instead of Bad Talking All Black Businesses. While on YouTube a video popped up in my timeline. The title was “I Can’t Support Black Businesses”.  So of course, being the person that I am I played the video.

Lisa Ala Mode a Youtuber is a natural hair, fashion, and makeup influencer who created the video. I will admit that I went in thinking the video would be a rant against black businesses. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out differently.

Lisa discussed some of the same concerns that I have regarding lumping all of our businesses together after a bad experience with one.

Comments made from by her listeners were interesting an on point. Cocabuttersilk stated….

“If only we were as passionate and adamant about boycotting the companies that don’t cater to us and just in general shade us, many would be thriving.”

Why do some Blacks have the mentality of shooting down all African-American businesses when one fails them? If you received bad service from Walmart on Adam Boulevard would you stop going to every single Walmart? Of course not. You would simply move on to another.

So why lump all Black entrepreneurs into one pile after one bad experience? Why do some of us have the crab in a bucket mentality? Am I saying to support all bad Black businesses? Of course not. Why not consider 5 Things You Can Do Instead of Bad Talking All Black Businesses?

Because of an unpleasant experience, there are two specific businesses that I refuse to patronize. One experience was being sold old and burned BBQ wings. I attempted to call to make my complaint and to offer a suggestion and no one answered the phone.

During another experience I visited a resale shop. When I visited the store no one acknowledged me while there. So what did I do? I turned around and left.

Now am I saying that it is okay to accept bad service? No of course not. Spending money on a horrible meal is one of my biggest pet peeves.  So with that being said check out 5 things you can do instead of bad talking all black businesses.

5 Things You Can Do Instead of Bad Talking All Black Businesses

  1. Unless the service was horrific think twice about posting a negative comment after one mistake.
  2. Contact the business and let them know about your experience.
  3. Move on to another black business with the same product or service. (Everything Ain’t For Everybody)
  4. Stop normalizing and putting all black businesses into the same bucket.
  5. Continue to shop and to support black.

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