6 Tips On Bouncing Back From Bad Customer Service

6 Tips On Bouncing Back From Bad Customer Service

  1. Apologize – Tell your customer or client how upset you are and apologize. They need to know that you actually care about their dilemma.  They want to know that you are concerned. If you don’t, this will turn them off and turn them away.
  2. Ask Your Customer To Share Their Experience – Ask your customer to share their experience. Don’t be scared to ask. Create a short 3 question survey and no more than that. They are already irritated, anymore might upset them even more. You need to know what mistakes you’ve made in order not to repeat them. As the they say, “when you know better you do better.”
  3. Shoot Straight From the Hip – Don’t try to soften the blow with a bunch of BS and fluff. As they say keep it real. If there was a mess up admit it and keep it move.
  4. 6 Tips On Bouncing Back From Bad Customer ServiceFix It! – Rather you are right or wrong. Even if we all know that the customer is all ways right! As a business owner it’s your responsibility to be accountable and to fix it. Never begin with the statement “we can’t do that.”.Instead tell them “this is what we’re going to do.”  Your customers want a solution, not more excuses.
  5. Nip It Right In the Bud – Don’t meet with your staff in front of the customer. Meet with your employees in private after the customer leaves. When alone find out what went wrong and discuss how to prevent it from happening again.
  6. Give a Parting Gift – Give a parting gift like the Price Is Right. Send them away with something. If you own a restaurant not only get their meal right give them a certificate to come back later for a free one or if you can give them their meal for free.  Again this is going back to making them feel as if you actually care and that you want to keep them to return.

Hopefully these 6 tips on bouncing back from bad customer service were helpful. Offering great customer service is not rocket science. Give your customers the same type of service you would expect. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.


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