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Our Origins

Eleanie Campbell is an avid writer, social service advocate, and blogger previously featured on Thy Black Man, Angie’s Diary, and as the creator of The Phoenix Unleashed. Eleanie pronounced (el-ee-ah-nee) is also the owner of STL Black Biz.

While watching Hidden Colors and the aftermath of the Ferguson Riots Eleanie realized that there were a number of layers causing anger and stifling growth in the black community, economics being one of them. While driving through St. Louis City and North St. Louis County, Eleanie took a closer look and noticed the large number of black businesses that she was unaware of.

With that at hand, in 2014 she began her quest to create STL Black Biz. This particular Black business directory was created to connect black businesses with consumers in need of their services and products.

The Nielsen Company has reported that the African-American population is an economic force to be reckoned with. As reported in September 2019 the projected buying power of African-Americans reached $1.3 trillion. Imagine if the bulk of this money was spent within the Black community. The key is to keep the majority of that money in our communities as often as possible.

STL Black BizThe STL Black Biz Business Directory was founded as a resource for those seeking to patronize Black businesses that are located in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and surrounding areas including Illinois. There are hundreds of black businesses to choose from however, many of us have no idea that they even exist. The goal of STL Black Biz Black is to overcome this challenge by providing a black business directory exclusively showcasing Black businesses.

Eleanie is constantly focusing on the possibility of what can happen, as opposed to what cannot. This simple, yet powerful belief stands behind her spirit and beliefs. Visit www.stlblackbiz.com and also find STL Black Biz on Instagram and Twitter. @stlblackbiz

So why not make a difference by subscribing and joining stlblackbiz.com. For all inquiries and comments please send an email to info@stlblackbiz.com.

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