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Darlyygn Co.

Darlyng & Co. the First Black-Owned Kid's Registry

Darlyng & Co. the first Black-owned kid’s registry was created by the husband and wife, duo Carl and Tara Darnley in 2014. The Darnley’s wanted parents to have access to safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic products. As a result, a brainchild was born in 2014.

As with most businesses Darlyng & Co. the first Black-owned kid’s registry was created out of a need. According to their story, their daughter started teething at the early age of two months. This pushed them to find a teether she would not have to hold because she was extremely young. The Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten was invented. It fits over the baby’s hand and offers a clean, soft alternative allowing them to chew the mitt.

The Yummy Mitt started their journey to what is now a flew blown company. This Black-owned business has experienced overwhelming success.  They have caught the eyes of national magazines. The Darnley’s have appeared in Essence, Marie Claire, Black Enterprise, and Forbes publications.

As revealed to Black Enterprise Magazine the couples’ two children fuel their continuous product ideas. Their two beautiful daughters continue to inspire new and innovative ideas.

There are over 100 product selections available offering diaper bags, apparel, hair care products, kid’s décor, and Affirmation flashcards at the website of Darlyng & Co. Their products are affordable ranging from $3.99 to $99.00.

The couple lacked the knowledge of business, but this did not stop them from moving forward. They poured most of her husband’s salary and their savings into the cost of production. This left no room to hire a lawyer to file a patent. Tara decided to file one on her own.

Marketing the product was not as easy. She decided to pitch her idea to The Steve Harvey Show. After numerous rejections they received an invitation to The Steve Harvey Show. This television appearance catapulted their company to a new level. Three months after appearing on the show the company made $100,000 in sales.

In the spirit of supporting Black businesses, the duo has also partnered with another Black entrepreneur. Sherrill Mosee of MinkeeBlue. (

Mosee is the designer behind their fashionable and stylish diaper bags. These unique diaper bags for moms can be found on the website. Source

The Darnley’s have shown us all that with consistency, determination, and drive anything is possible. To learn more about this powerful couple and Darlyng & Co. you can visit on Youtube, and at their website at

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