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The Dynamic Duo of Fashion Remix

The Dynamic Duo of Fashion Remix. STL Black Biz had the pleasure of meeting Tonita Smith and LaSonya Logan. This dynamic duo are the faces behind Fashion Remix. Not only are Smith and Logan business partners, they’ll also cousins.

Founded in November 2014, Fashion Remix is an Online Boutique, specializing in statement accessories and clutches. They pride themselves in offering one of a kind statement pieces that are sure to turn heads.  The Dynamic Duo of Fashion Remix believes in strong customer service and building relationships which is their top priority.

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It’s hard enough operating a business alone, but some would find it difficult running it with a partner and especially a relative. Many times entrepreneurs are advised not to go into business with family members because it just won’t work. Well, cousins Tonita Smith and LaSonya Logan have proven this concept wrong.

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As women entrepreneurs, how do you balance your business and your personal life?

Tonita – Being business women and balancing personal lives can be quite challenging, but having a loyal support team makes it all possible.

LaSonya – Having an online boutique makes it easier to balance than actually having a physical boutique. Most of the business we can handle at home while around our family instead of in an office/store away from our family.

What has been the most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur?

Tonita – The most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur is time management. Both of us have full-time careers which makes it very challenging to dedicate as much time to the business as we would like. We always find ways to make it work so having to prioritize is a must.

LaSonya- For me right now having teenage children that still depend on me can be challenging.  The teenage years seems more crucial to me, so I have to be there for them. This is my time to really prepare them before I send them out into the real world as adults.

What is your number one tip for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Our number one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs would be to first make sure that whatever you do, make it your passion and it will never feel like work. Secondly, pray about everything. Lastly, have fun and remember people will always remember how you made them feel.  Always look for new ways to bless someone else and the money will come.

If you could ask Oprah one question pertaining to business what would it be?

Tonita – What advice would she offer an aspiring entrepreneur?

LaSonya – What would she say is the key to success?



STL Black Biz thanks Tonita and LaSonya for joining us. You can visit and support Tonita and LaSonya online.

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