First Black Woman Lexus Dealership Owner

Ellenae Fairhurst has broken the glass ceiling and has reached above the clouds becoming the first black female to own a Lexus dealership, located in Huntsville in Huntsville, Alabama.  This is no easy feat. Even though women have an 85% on car sales they only own 975 dealerships out of 20,000, with ethnic women only owning 56 of them. According to the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers report that six black women are a small group within these numbers.

Black women are a dominating factor in their households when compared to other women when purchasing cars. However, they are hard pressed to find an car dealership owned by someone looking like them. Fairhurst believes that customer service is very important in running a successful business.
First Black Woman Lexus Dealership OwnerAs the first black woman Lexus dealership owner began her career as a secretary with Ford Motor Co. in 1968. Working her way into management she worked, she entered the Chrysler Corporation training program and was awarded a dealership in 1988. Fairhurst went further to show that she was the woman for the job. In 2000, her dealership brought in $29 million and turned into $56 million.
The Lexus ownership has continued to break barriers. Within 8 years she paid off her dealership to own it clear and free. According to Fairhurst this is a feat that takes most dealers 15 years or longer to pay for their dealerships accomplish.
Striving for excellence has allowed Ellenae Fairhurst to be successful and a record breaker in her field. Kudos to her for a job well done.


“I’m constantly dealing with customers. My job is to ensure that they are satisfied. And I feel that we are going to do that very well here.”


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