Get Paid Blogging

Get Paid To Blog

Get  paid to blog. Yes it’s very possible to make money blogging.  Blogging can be very lucrative for some people and there are ways to get paid to blog.. There are tons of ideas and ways to blog.  Most bloggers blog about their personal interests, dislikes and whatever they are passionate about.


I personally began blogging simply as a hobby. As a writer and a creative person I loved expressing my thoughts and when I discovered Blogger I fell in love. Blogger allowed me as a writer to create beautiful, unique and customized blogs that were simple to use. My first blog was The Phoenix Unleashed, which pushed me on to create this website you know as STL Black Biz.

From that point I realized that others were blogging and making a pretty penny doing it. After writing and getting paid for two blogs other than my own a light bulb came on. I found out I can get paid to blog. I began to realize there were actually steps that needed to be considered when one decides to blog.

Here a few steps to think about.

Build it and then promote it.

Do not think that the money will appear simply from writing? Yes you have to write the content, but you have to let people know that you exist. This takes work, but it must be done and it will pay off.

Learn how to create money.

Even if the followers do come, that doesn’t necessarily mean the money will.This is when monetization needs to kick in. Yes you are writing wonderful content, but you must fin another outlet to bring in money. There are tons of ways to create new avenues of gaining money. For more information contact social Media expert KC the Biz Boss.

Stop hiding behind your computer.

Network people in the are of your interest. Attend conferences to meet with other like-minded people. Meet and interview people who you find interesting. Go on to post your interviews on the many social service outlets that are available to anyone and get paid to blog. By doing this you will begin to meet many people with the same interests. These relationships can grown into training opportunities and networking opportunities also. So stop hiding behind your blog.

Know that blogging is a business.

When you get to the point when you see blogging as an opportunity to make money you need to jump on it. It’s time to change your game plan and look at things a little differently. When you realize that you might be able to make money from you passion you think in another way.

You must begin to study the craft of blogging as a business. You must start to strategize your moves. Once it gets to a point where you see the opportunity to make money, it requires you to think a little differently. You suddenly realize you have to become more strategic, and for some people this presents a challenge – especially if they’ve never had any sort of business background or training.

These are just a few tips to get you started. For more pointers on getting paid to blog Entrepreneur online.

Get Paid To Blog


Eleanie Campbell is the creator of STL Black Biz. She has a passion for black economic empowerment and connecting black businesses and consumers, You can reach Eleanie on Facebook, STL Black Biz on Facebook and Twittter and Instagram.


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