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Get your cup of tea with Tracie Berry-McGhee. Coping with COVID 19 is not easy. Some are dealing with extreme stress, anxiety, and even depression. The lack of daycare, the loss of jobs, and the unknown can be a bit much to handle. But licensed therapist and counselor Tracie Berry-McGhee may be able to offer help to those in need.  

Early mornings Monday through Friday Facebook users are logging in to sip on their tea, coffee, or their choice of beverage, along with a cup of therapy with Tracie Berry-McGhee.

Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed., LPC, NCC is a licensed therapist and counselor. Tracie is well-known in the community as the founder of The Nia Group STL Imani Therapy Wellness Center, where she counsels women and teen girls. She is also the creator of “SistaKeeper Mentoring Circles” and the “I Define Me Movement”.

Own Your Now

Many women and even some men are tuning into the positive vibes of Tracie’s new Facebook Live called “Own Your Now”.  According to Tracie the online talk show was birthed out of COVID-19.  Because of COVID many of us are required to S.I.P. (Shelter In Place). Due to these challenging times Tracie created the online morning space for women to come together to focus on defining their journey.

The OYN (Own Your Now) Platform consists of daily guests and special topics intended to uplift, stimulate, inspire, and to motivate its listeners. The virtual talk show “Own Your Now” has grown into a morning routine and a haven for many of its listeners.

If you are searching for something positive and refreshing, then do not miss out! Be sure to set your alarms and tune into Tracie Berry McGhee’s “Own Your Now” on Facebook Live Monday – Friday at 8:30 AM.

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