Are Hashtags Really Necessary?

Are Hashtags Really Necessary?

First of all what is a hashtag? A hastag is a word followed by a hash mark #, that is used to identify a specific topic to search for. This hashtag is searchable by others. Once the keyword

Once a keyword picks up enough momentum it becomes known as “trending.” Trending isn’t simply a matter of becoming the most popular hashtag on the networks. Each users’ trending topics is different based on their location and social connections.

How do you use hashtags?

You simply use a hashtag in a social post by adding the # sign before a word. Spaces or a no no. If you want to differentiate between words, use capitals instead (#BlueJasmine). Using hashtags is fine, but too many is not a good thing. Don’t add too many hashtags and over-tag. Also it is important not to use hashtags on tweets relevant to the topic.

Where can you use hashtags?

Facebook: Facebook have just recently popped up in June 2013, but it’s not really popular as much as other social sites.  Nevertheless, clicking on Facebook hashtags will take you to a list of posts containing the same hashtag.

Instagram: Hashtags can be used to complement photos shared on Instagram and help you discover new accounts and pick up followers. Some hashtags were created specifically for Instagram photo challenges — #ThrowbackThursdays, for example, encourages users to post retro photos. .

Google+: When you click on a hashtag in Google+, the search results will include the original hashtag as well as posts with similar tags and keywords. Google search results display on the left side of the page, while hashtag results from within Google+ appear on the right. Google also gives you the option to search within Facebook or Twitter.

Tumblr: Tumblr posts have a special “Tag” section where you can enter tags. These tags function like Twitter hashtags, organizing posts by topic, but the hash symbol is inserted automatically. Hashtags included in the main body of a post are not transformed into links.

Pinterest: Use Pinterest hashtags to mark and search for content. Click on the hashtag in a pin description to navigate results that contain the exact hashtag, plus pins with the same word or phrase in the description.

Why should you use a hashtag?

When someone clicks on a hashtag on any of these social networks, they’ll automatically be shown all other public posts that include the same hashtag. This is incredibly valuable for a small business because it can expose your content to a wider audience, and help your business get found. If someone does a search on a social network, or Google, for a hashtag you used, your post — and potentially even your profile — can be found by someone you never would have reached without hashtags. This happens all the time. Hashtags are widely used to search for content within social networks and search engines, which means hashtags give you a great opportunity to get your information in front of potential customers without paying a dime!

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