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Jackie Ormes the First African American Woman Cartoonist

Jackie Ormes the First African American Woman Cartoonist

While online I noticed a very interesting Google cartoon. The fact that the Google picture was a Black woman of course caught my eye. I love to see reflections of myself as much as possible. So, I grew curious and decided to delve deeper to see who this woman was.

Jackie Ormes the first African American cartoonist wrote for major black newspapers. Ormes’ cartoons included characters such as Patty- Jo, Ginger, Candy, and Torch Brown. Her cartoons were more than just cartoons. Ormes’ cartoons touched on topics such as fashion, racial tensions, equality, foreign policy, and even the atomic bomb.

During this time anyone black or white who chose to speak on controversial topics was under scrutiny by the United States government. Ormes’ views, were considered outlandish to some, which led her to be investigated by the FBI during the time of the McCarthy period.

Her cartoons greatly emphasized fashion for the African American woman. This helped young Black girls and Black women to see themselves in a positive light.

I soon discovered her name was Jackie Ormes. Jackie Ormes is the first African American Woman Cartoonist who lived from 1911 – 1985. She is known as a trailblazer in the world of cartoons. During many of her earlier years, women were fighting for rights, and black women even more. Jackie Ormes was no exception.

She was also known to have created a doll in the likeness of her character Patty-Jo, along with paper dolls. Most black dolls created during this time were stereotyped as mammies or picaninnies. Jackie stood up to say “No more Sambos. Just kids!

The Patty-Jo doll was created as a distinguished African American doll and is highly collectible in today’s market.

Learn more about Jackie Ormes by clicking here.

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