Jopwell Is Changing the Game

Jopwell Is Changing the Game

Porter Baswell and Ryan Williams are two business professionals who made the incredibly bold move of leaving jobs on Wall Street to start a company that has the potential to change diversity in the corporate world. Their platform, Jopwell, has partnered with some of the most successful companies in the country to help people of color find competitive jobs and internships in the corporate world.

Jopwell FoundersBaswell’s and Williams’ Jopwell have partnered with companies such as Goldman Sachs. Microsoft, Capital One, Bridgewater and others. The mission of Jopwell is two-fold. Their goals is to shrink the diversity employment gap that keeps organizations from being more successful, and help underrepresented ethnic minority talent find jobs they love.

The recruitment program, which launched in 2014, has helped thousands of minorities find employment in a wide-range of industries. “By creating new opportunities for black professional empowerment,” the founders of Jopwell explain, “We’re working to defeat some of the longest-standing impediments to advancement.”

Thanks to the Huffington Post.

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