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Kym Whitley More Than Meets the Eye

Kym Whitley is more than meets the eye. Kym is known to many of us as the funny comedian and actress that keeps us rolling in laughter. She is also known for her roles on various television shows such as The Boondocks, The Parkers, and the Young and Hungry.

As a graduate of Fisk and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Whitley is also known for her work in The Beauty Shop, Sparks, The Parent Hood and Next Friday. In April of 2013 Kym starred in a reality show television series on the OWN Network. Kym’s reality show called Raising Whitley on the Oprah Winfrey Network premiered April 20, 2013.

Raising Whitley centered around Kym’s life as a new mom to her newborn adopted son Joshua. The show was so successful at the time it was the 5th most widely viewed premiered show in the network’s history, going on to airing a second season.

Being an actor or musician is not everyone’s dream and if it is it may not be their only dream. Some celebrities also have businesses.

Kym is Whitley is more than meets the eye, showing us that her talent and skills goes beyond the stage. She is also a wicked entrepreneur with a keen sense of business. It turns out that Whitley’s business features products she has invented herself.

Kym’s first product Kwic Stik is a parent’s dream. For those that have struggled with buckling a child’s car seat securely the Kwic Stik is just what you are looking for.

Kym’s other products are Don’t Feed shirts, Don’t Feed Allergy Bags, and Fridge Sheets. Her Don’t Feed product line is designed to warn others of food allergies your child may have, and it gives them a clear view of your child’s needs.

It seems that Kym is also an eco-friendly entrepreneur. Her product Grass Drinking Straw are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

In addition to making us laugh, like any smart businessperson she has discovered a need and met it. Kym may be on her way to become a serial entrepreneur and a very successful one.

You can find Kym’s products at her website

Also, join and her fellow comedian Sherri Shepard at their podcase Two Funny Mamas on YouTube.

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