Letef Vita the Organic Hip Hopper

Letef Vita the Organic Hip Hopper

Letef Vita the Organic Hip Hopper. Letef Vita was once a former gang member turned farmer and vegan chef. Letef Vita mission is to teach permanent lifestyle and mental changes within urban communities and abroad. Letef Vita is on a crusade to change the mindset of individuals when it comes to healthy living and clean eating.

His mantra is Clean Food, Clean Body, Clean Mind. He is reaching out to kids through his microphone and lyrics to show them that vegetables are a good thing. I’m sure many adults needed this around as kids. Letef is also reaching out to communities to grow their own food.  Letef is fighting for better access to clean and healthy food to those in impoverished areas.

After an invitation to the White House and interviews by national magazines, Vita says, “I started to understand hip-hop was the right medium to talk about food justice.” What he calls “…the art of being passionate about urban food.”

Clean and healthy eating is nothing new to Letef Vita the Organic Hip Hopper. Growing up his mother, an advocate of holistic cooking and ideas laid the foundation for Vita’s interest in wholistic nutrition. A trip to Africa with his mother at the age of 13 was the turning point in his life. At an early age he decided the mentality of gang life was one that he could not be connected to. Later in life Vita began working with those from the gang community.

Through his teaching and volunteering Letef Vita urges, pushes and motivates others he comes into contact with to choose positivity even in negative situations. According to the In the doc Vita reminds viewers: “Tribalism is ingrained in us. We’re supposed to rep our hoods, our community. But when it becomes violent, it becomes destructive, that’s when I realized that enough of this has happened.”

According to filmmaker JLOVE Calderon, Letef Vita the Organic Hip Hopper is basically a seeker of self-sustainable life. Initially, he began gardening with the purpose to heal his neighbor fellows. According to Vita, “To find a healthy environment, we should start with the health of ourselves.”

Credit: Recreator and Organic Vegan Earth.

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