The Bourbonaire

H.A. Marketing, LLC dba The Bourbonaire

The Bourbonaire

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  • Lafayette Square St. Louis, MO
  • (636) 578-4988

H.A. Marketing, LLC dba The Bourbonaire was created to provide consulting services to the spirits industry as it relates to African Americans. Our purpose is to introduce African Americans to these major brands in order to increase awareness and for the major brands to gain a clear understanding of the African Americans’ spirits consumption. We are also serve to help increase market share as it pertains to the African Americans.  We’ve worked with such brands as Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Knob Creek, Basil Hayden, David Nicholson and many others.

To promote awareness, we created the Facebook group, “The Bourbonaire”. This groups’ main purpose is to inform and educate the mass public on all aspects of “The Good Life” AKA drinking whiskey, bourbon, scotch (whiskey), and smoking good cigars (stixs)…..

H.A. Marketing, LLC has amassed a vast network throughout our travels and networking circles combined with our association with a multitude of distilleries, industry insiders, and whiskey organizations.

As “The Bourbonaire”, we offer on-location whiskey/bourbon tasting experiences for various distilleries. We also offer private whiskey/bourbon tasting experiences. We supply the spirits and the drinkware. If you are intrigued with all things pertaining to whiskey/ bourbon, join our Facebook page (the bourbonaire). Also, for more info, drop us an email or give us a call.

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