My Blooming Health Mobile, LLC

My Blooming Health

My Blooming Health Mobile, LLC

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  • 2040 Woodson Rd. Ste. 204A Overland, MO 63114
  • Office 314-942-3272 Fax 314-584-2205
  • Monday - Friday 11AM - 5PM, Saturday and Sunday Closed

My Blooming Health Mobile. We are a mobile, concierge clinical lab.  My Blooming Health Mobile will bring the lab to you!  In your home, residential facility, your job, wherever is convenient to ensure you stay compliant. We keep your visits: confidential, private and convenient!

My Blooming Health Mobile, LLC



Mobile services offered include: DNA Paternity testing, routine phlebotomy (blood draws), specialty lab kits, urine drug screenings, health fairs, Employee wellness including vaccines and drug testing are available on location by My Blooming Health Mobile.

My Blooming Health Mobile, LLC, covers Illinois and Missouri.  We accept most insurances including Essence, Medicare and Medicaid!

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