The Nia Group STL Imani Therapy Wellness Center

Featured The Nia Group STL Imani Therapy Wellness Center

The Nia Group STL Imani Therapy Wellness Center

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  • 3633 Marietta Drive Ste.C St. Louis, MO 63033
  • 314-831-5433

The Nia Group STL empowers women and girls to define their voices individually and collectively to be the voice for issues that impact our local, national and global communities.

ImaniTherapy is a Wellness Center for Women and Teen Girls offering interpersonal counseling utilizing the client-centered approach.
Our goal is to Nurture Inner Awareness into our clients to begin the healing process to define their journey mentally, physically and spiritually in a confidential setting. (We are a private pay facility only) with affordable rates/plans and programs.

The Nia Group STL and the Define ME Therapy… are part of a movement offering intervention, prevention, and awareness! Providing interpersonal Counseling sessions for women & Teen girls to focus on self-awareness, being empowered, coping with stress, depression and everyday life issues.

We offer individual sessions, women self-care groups & monthly I Define ME Teen Girl Circles!


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1 Review

  1. Tracie is passionate when it comes to others. She does wonderful work with young girls, teens and women.

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