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Louisville’s Youngest Black Bakery Owner

Louisville’s Youngest Black Bakery Owner

At the age of 25 Shacole Henderson became the youngest black bakery owner in Louisville, Kentucky. Coco’s Cakes is the bakery that placed her name on the map.

Henderson’s success did not happen over night. It took years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice for Coco’s Cakes to arrive where it is today. Shacole was intially interested in fashion design. However, after working at Krogers she discovered her passion was baking.

Shacole’s cake decorating was so well received at Krogers that many of the customers constantly requested her services. This grew into tons of people asking her to make cakes for them outside of her job also. So much she began to take orders on her own for additional income.

Once she realized that this was something she was interested in Henderson took the right steps to grow and learn about business. Her grandfather, a retired culinary chef also helped her with tips and advice on cake decorating.

She also took measures to learn how to run a business by enrolling in a Micro Enterprises program sponsored by the city of Louisville, which provides loans for business owners. There she learned about writing a business plan, money management courses and logo designs.

Henderson also believes in giving other business owners the opportunity to shine through showcasing their business cards and brochures in her bakery.

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