Master P Launches Hoody Hoos Cereal

Master P Launches Hoody Hoos Cereal

Master P Launches Hoody Hoos Cereal

Captain Crunch move over because Master P has launched Hood Hoos Cereal. The CEO and rapper of P. Miller Enterprises has come a long way from growing up in New Orlean’s Calliop Projects.

Last month the No Limit founder and rapper shared an Instagram video launching his new cereal brand, “Uncle P’s Hoody Hoos!”. According to The Grio, there is meaning behind the name Hoody Hoos. Hoody Hoos stands for “Helping Others Open Doors Yourself. Hope Opportunity Obtaining Success.”

The cereal’s name comes from the 1999 single, “Hoody Hoos”. Hoody Hoos’ flavors are Cinnamon Apple, Honey Drip, and Tropical Fruit & Marshmallow. As with any good cereal you’ve need cute characters. Hoody Hoos will feature four penguin mascots named after himself and his sons Romeo, Hercy, and Mercy.

Miller is known for having reclaimed the rights of his music from Universal Music Group and he is very vocal about the power of the Black dollar and positioning ourselves economically. He and his son Romeo have partnered to create their luxury sneaker and fashion line, MoneYatti, his partnership with Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay, and movie deals are just a few entrepreneurial moves he has made.

Master P launches Hood Hoos cereal and is making a difference in the lives of others. His latest venture offers an alternative for black consumers and he is also donating a portion of his profits to making Black communities better. Help will go to inner-city kids by providing education, resources, and activities to our children.

“Hoody Hoos Cereal is not only a great tasting breakfast, but it’s making a difference. The cereal’s mission statement is “A percentage of every cereal box sold goes to providing inner-city kids in the community with education, resources, and activities to help build their future.”

Hoody Hoos are available at Walmart, Aldi’s, 7 Eleven, and Save a Lot. Contact your store nearest you.

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