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Meet Regina Thomas of the Dresscode Collektions

Meet Regina Thomas of the Dresscode Collektions. Who knew that ripping a pair of jeans, while making a fashion statement would lead to owning a boutique and an interest in fashion design? Regina Thomas the owner of Dresscode Collektions was that little girl who did just that.

Regina’s passion for fashion began when she was a teenager. She explored her interest and creativity in fashion by cutting and bleaching her jeans. This was just the beginning of her living out her passion.

Dresscode CollektionsAccording to Regina Thomas she didn’t choose fashion, but it chose her when she could barely spell the word FASHION.  At the age of four she says her mom recognized her gift when she began putting forth the effort to pick her own outfits. She even began to have her own style at young age.

When it comes to balancing life and work as an entrepreneur, Regina simply gets the job done. “My personal life is my business”, says Regina. “I am more of a traditional woman so I have to get it done, personal and business.

As with anything pertaining to growth and success there will be challenges. The most challenging thing for Regina is to make certain everything is done. Even with a team “I still like to do most things myself, that way I know it’s done and more than likely done right.”

Not only is Regina the owner of her own boutique she also creates her own designs. In addition to operating her business she also gives aspiring models the opportunity to walk the runway.

As a matter of fact STL Black Biz has seen her patience, compassion and support in working with young models firshand. This was evident when participating with the STL Black Biz’ Black Boutique and Designers Expo held last November.


Regina was asked, “What asked, what advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?” She closed with this, “You have to just believe in whatever it is you are doing. You have to put your best foot forward and don’t depend on anyone else to get your business done.”

Dresscode CollektionsSee more of Regina Thomas’ fashion at the upcoming Red Winter Fashion Affair Part III February 21st at the Rustic Goat. You can also visit her on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit Regina on Facebook and Instagram


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