Oja Express Brings Ethnic Foods to Your Table

Oja Express Brings Ethnic Foods to Your Table

Oja Express brings ethnic foods to your table by delivering various groceries from around the world to your front door. COVID 19 has changed our dining experience and limited our ability to enjoy indoor dining establishments and to even shop for that matter. So many would think that our dining choices would be limited. Not necessarily so.

Oja Express is a business that may have changed the face of food delivery. St. Louis, MO is lucky to have an ethnic grocery store. Jay International Food Company offers food selections from across the globe catering to the St. Louis area large and diverse ethnic population. Some areas in the US are not so fortunate.

Oja Express Brings Ethnic Foods to Your Table by helping you to enjoy foods that represent your culture without grocery shopping hassles. This unique delivery service delivers foods from ethnic grocery stores normally not sold in traditional grocery stores.

The mission of Oja Express is to provide its customers with a wide-range, of reasonably priced, groceries. Oja Express wants to help immigrants and ethnic communities recreate memories of home. 

The owners created Oja Express out of necessity. Co-owner and CEO Sobitan states, “What inspired me was the huge need in the marketplace. When you go to a regular grocery store many immigrants feel like they do not see products that reflect them, or their culture. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, we decided that we would do it. We created a company for immigrants and by immigrants, to provide the same level of service that is often afforded to the mainstream.”


Oja Express provides same-day delivery, curbside pickup, and shipping for their customers. Oja Express shops from local grocers in your area for fresh foods and same-day delivery. Ingredients from around the world will be delivered to your door. Various grocery choices are available to create African, Asia, Latin, Caribbean, Indian, Mediterrian and European dishes.

Learn more at Oja Express’ website.

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