Smooth N Groove Keon Davis

One Man One Smoothie

One Man One Smoothie

With so many people concerned with getting healthier many have turned to smoothies. Not only are they good for you, they’re great tasting.

Apparently Keon Davis has caught on. Keon’s time working out in the gym turned into a business. Keon started his company Smooth-N-Groove at is local gym. Since he was a child selling Crayons Keon has always has the entrepreneurial bug.

Most of the smoothies are vegan based and many of them have unique names. Names such as Tango, Twist, Electric Slide and the Nae Nae. 

Keon Davis soon branched out with other Smooth-N-Groove locations. He eventually was blessed with a contract with Auburn University, where he sells smoothies on campus. After buying an old Frito-Lay and setting it up properly to fit his needs he was in business.

Smooth-N-Groove has grown from the gym to two trucks and two brick-and-mortar stores that are located the Auburn campus. Keon’s business has brought in upward $469,000 and he is looking for that amount to significantly increase.

You can visit Smooth-N-Groove on their website for more info.

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