R. H. Boyd Publishing Company

The R. H. Boyd Publishing Company was founded in 1896 by Richard H. Boyd and is one of, if not the oldest Black publishing company in the United States. When you sing from a hymnal in church or read a Christian publication you have the R.H. Boyd Publishing Company to thank for that.

The R.H. Boyd Publishing Company was founded by the ex-slave Dick Gray. Gray changed his name to Richard Henry Boyd to rid himself of his slave name. Born a slave in 1843, Boyd possessed the fight and persistence to become a business owner during the time when Blacks recently gained their freedom from slavery.  

In 1896 R. H. Boyd founded the National Baptist Publishing Board, which was changed to R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation. RHBPC is in Nashville, Tennessee and is still in operation to this day.

With over 123 years in business Boyd Publishing has a tradition of publishing and distributing Christian educational material. The also produce resources used by churches across the United States. This publishing company not only work with churches. They also service pastors, bookstores, seminaries, authors and more.

In addition to owning the publishing company, Boyd was behind other significant projects in the Black community. He organized churches across Texas. He founded the Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company in 1904 and he was the owner of The National Negro Doll Company.

In business for well over 100 years this company is not only Black owned, but family owned. The reigns have been handed down for generations and is still operated by family members to this very day.

As of 2017, LaDonna Boyd is the president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation. She continues to carry on the legacy through five generations strong. For more information visit

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