Raynell Supa Steward Creates a New Makeup Empire

Raynell Supa Steward Creates a New Makeup Empire

Raynell Supa Steward. Remember the name of the woman creating a new makeup empire. Women love makeup. But some women have no idea how to apply or they stick with ordinary and dull colors.  Raynelll Steward has changed the way you’ll look at makeup. Raynell Steward aka Wuzzman Supa or Supa Cent is the founder of The Crayon Case.

Raynell Supa Steward Creates a New Makeup Empire

The Crayon case is a cosmetic line created for women who love makeup, but are amateurs when it comes to applying it.  Since its recent launch the The Crayon Case in a very short time The Crayon Case has reached millions.

Raynell Supa Stewart is not new  to the world of business or social media. The New Orleans native is a popular social media icon. She has also appeared on Chef Gordon Ramsey’s reality show “Kitchen Nightmares” in 2011.

Raynell Supa Steward Creates a New Makeup EmpireRaynell Supa Steward creates a new makeup empire.  This bold business move apparently has caught the eye of others.  Due to her lively and transparent disposition Stewart earned a spot on All Def Digital.  Her no nonsense and respected opinions led to her own podcast, “Da Soup Kitchen”, where she and her friends give their opinions on trending topics.

According to The Crayon Case early in 2017, Supa became immersed in the world of beauty and makeup. She worked tirelessly to create and birth The Crayon Case. The Crayon Case, a safe haven for amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world, has taken Social Media by storm. Crayon Cuties are obsessed, crashing sites, and begging for re launch days after continuous product sell outs. Click here for more on the Crayon Case.

When it comes setting trends black women have lead the way for years. It’s not unusual for our styles to be copied and even stolen. The Crayon Case is no exception.  So much that the Crayola Company has jumped on the bandwagon. Crayola partnered with the fashion retailer ASOS to create a makeup collection that is made up of 58 pieces.  Was this a mere coincidence or a rip off? I guess it’s true what they say, the highest form of flattery is to be copied.





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