Release Your Fear

Release Your Fear

Release Your Fear


Release Your FearIn starting a business or anything else we sometimes have a tendency to wait for things to be just right. Everything has to be perfect. We won’t start school until the kids have graduated and moved on to their next step. We won’t start our home business because we don’t think others will support us. We won’t work out because we’re tired and we don’t have the time.

So if we are waiting for things to be perfect when will they be perfect? I have an answer for that and I’m sure you do to. NEVER! If you continue to wait for perfect doing what you want to do will never happen.

Release your fear and stop waiting for things to happen. Stop waiting for opportunities to be laid at your feet. If you continue to wait for an opportunity to find you then the opportunities will pass you by without you even knowing it.

I remember when I began the STL Black Biz business directory. I was preparing myself to hit send out invites for others to like the Face book Fan Page. I tell you that was the scariest thing in my life. I was almost paralyzed with fear and all I had to do was click a few buttons. Well I got over that fear.

I remember making the decision to hold an expo on Black Friday in 2015. Now mind you this was the busiest holiday shopping season of the year and I had the audacity to host my first event for STL Black Biz. It was not a sell out, but still a success none the less. After that I began to step out even more hold “Dessert with the Boss”, bringing in Kandi Konda sharing her social media marketing expertise.

Also I and my partner are holding the Black Biz Power Breakfast series every month at a local black diner. Now tell me how letting go of fear can take you to a new level.



With that I want to offer 3 steps to remove fear.

  1. Shift Your Fearful Thoughts To the Opposite

Fear is an emotion that is created by your mind and overtime is planted in our subconscious over and over. Become conscious of your fear and learn to remove it. Shift your thoughts to the opposite. When fear pops up tell yourself, “nope”. “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”  No it’s not easy it takes practice. But you must make the effort. Release your fear.

  1. Become selective.

Just like we can select the people we choose to allow in our space we can do the same when it comes to fear. Release your fear. This may be easier said than done, but we have the ability to shut fear down. Instead, of picturing what you don’t want focus on what you do and the fact that you can get. Select a vision that includes happy and positive images.

   3. Be Secure In Yourself.

Knowing yourself can help to curb the fear. Yes even the biggest, baddest and the most successful person has a little fear, but the key is not to let it paralyze you. Successful people don’t allow fear to overtake them and neither should you. Release your fear. In order to bring out that awesome person in us we have to squash fear and promote the strength and faith that is lying within us.


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