Snoop Dog Breaks Into Medical Marijuana Craze

Snoop Dog Breaks Into Medical Marijuana Craze

Snoop Dog Breaks Into Medical Marijuana Craze

Believe it or not many celebrity rappers are shrewd  business men and women. They have used the financial capital made from their rap game to embark on business enterprises that is allowing them to leave a legacy.

STL Black Biz is starting a new monthly series called “Rap Sheets”, where we will feature rap artists who have turned into successful entrepreneurs. This month we will feature Calvin Cordozar Broadus, aka”Snoop Dog”.

Snoop is not only a performer, but a business man. Snoop has held his in hands in a number if ventures just as any good  business man would. Revenue from his music sales, acting appearances, his endorsement deals and branded products attached to his likeness brings in a good chunk of his income. His name along sings “ching ching”.

He has even dabbled in film making. The entrepreneur founded Snoopadelic films. Snooadelic Films, a production company created and dedicated to Snoop-themed based films. His harcore porn video Snoop Dogg’s Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp won him the first hardcore porn video to make Billboard’s music video sales charts and the Adult Video Network Award.

Snoop Dog is not only a movie producer he also has invested where his heart is. Many people believe in supporting issues they believe in and Snoop is no exception. In 2015 Snoop joined others in becoming an investor in EAZE. EAZE is a California-based startup that promises to deliver medical marijuana to your doorstep.

Eaze raised  more than $10 million in funding from DCM Ventures, Fresh VC, 500 Startups and Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital, Quartz reports. Snoop has also invested in Reddit and a high-end food company, called DOG for DOG.

He’s even bringing out the tech side in him with Snoopify. Snoopify is an app that comes with stickers of joints, chicken and waffles and his likeness. Sounds like it’s not much right? Well don’t be mistaken. According to the Wall Street Journal, the app earned as much as $30.000 a week a month after it launched.

Snoop also has other products bearing his name and his voice. Snoop’s voice has given Tom Tom GPS Navigation users for directions for $12.95. Then there are the Snoop Skullcrushers headphones.

Cordozar Calvin Broadus has gone from jail cells to rapper to business moguel. I would bet my last dollar that there is more in store from the man Snoop Dogg, just wait, watch and see.

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