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STL Black Biz

STL Black Biz

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STL Black Biz

STL Black Biz connects Black businesses and consumers while serving St. Louis City, St. Charles County, and Metro Illinois. Founded in 2014 and birthed during the Ferguson Riots Eleanie Campbell founded the local St. Louis Black Businesses directory. After realizing there was a large number of local Black businesses Eleanie felt that there was a great need to share them with the community.

This directory is a source of empowerment and inspiration for Black entrepreneurs.

Who Are We?

STL Black Biz is an online Black business directory created to connect Black businesses and consumers who are seeking to patronize them.

The Birth of STL Black Biz

We are homegrown and birthed in St. Louis, MO. STL Black Biz was created to serve the African American community and others by offering an avenue for consumers to shop and support black businesses. This was made possible with the creation of www.stlblackbiz.com.

We serve St. Louis and surrounding areas such as O’Fallon and St. Charles, MO, metro Illinois, and businesses located throughout the United States.

What do we offer?

We offer the security and backup of having an additional location for customers to find you. For instance, Instagram’s last outage cost Facebook about $164,000 a minute in revenue. Small businesses were also greatly impacted, due to many having Facebook and Instagram as their only means for an online presence.

Our Mission

STL Black Biz’s mission is to connect Black businesses and consumers. While educating and offering business tips from experts in Entrepreneurship, Business 101, and Finance.

STL Black Biz is an affordable option in addition to using social media outlets to reach customers. For platforms as low as $2.99 per month you can increase your customer reach and exposure via our social media platforms and website.

Learn more about our price plans to decide which works best for you.