The 5 Top Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

The 5 Top Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

The 5 top apps every entrepreneur needs. The five top apps every entrepreneur needs are right here. Busy entrepreneurs need as many tools to make their jobs as easy as possible. In today’s age technology makes it possible to have the much needed tools at our fingertips.

The 5 Top Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs


As an entrepreneur you need calendars to schedule meetings and events, communicate with staff and customers, increase your social media fan base and so many other things. Well there’s an app for that. The 5 top apps every entrepreneur needs are included in a pretty cool list that we have put together.

1. Pocket

This is my favorite. The Pocket app allows you to save and to store away articles and videos you want to hold on to  in order to revisit. If you find something you like put it in your Pocket app and then go back to access it. The great thing is you don’t even need the internet. Website


2. Motivation Daily & Positivity

The 5 top apps every entrepreneur needs includes daily includes an app for your soul. If you’re anything like me you need as much positive energy in your life as positive then this app will keep you on cloud nine. It’s said to be streamlined and simple. If your goals are health and fitness it’s got that. Are you preparing for an upcoming project you’re good. The of course if you need some inspiration you’re good. You can find this one on iTunes.


3. Buffer

This is another one of my favorites. Buffer is my answer to Hootsuite. I personally like it better. Much like Hootsuite it makes it easy for it’s users to schedule their content on social media. You can choose social networks such as Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter and others.


4. Square

Gone are the days of hauling a credit card machine. Today your cell phone can handle all of that. There’s Square the credit card processing app that works for all businesses. You can use this anywhere. You can simply insert the reader in your phone or you can now use your number pad from your cell phone. Square is here for you among the5 Top Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs.


5. Wunderlist

Not only entrepreneurs, but everyone else find writing to-do-list helpful. Some can’t operate their lives smoothly without it. You can write your grocery lists, project planning and goals. Your lists easily syncs with your phone, tablet and computers so you can access your list from anywhere. Join Wunderlist to make your life smoother.

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