The Ferguson Effect

The Ferguson Effect

The Ferguson Effect. The Ferguson Effect is a new kind of documentary that seeks to foster creativity by giving narrative work an outlet to promote and distribute social awareness that lead to actions of productive change, free from the clutter of other content.

The man behind The Ferguson Effect is Fala Beats. I had the pleasure of speaking with Beats when I came across The Ferguson Effect video. He was willing and gracious enough to speak with me.

August 9th, 2014, Ferguson Missouri, U.S., became the attention of the world with the death of Mike Brown, an unarmed African-American teen shot down by the police. It revisited the atmospheres from America’s history of the 1960’s Selma March, the Watts Riots, and the 90’s L.A. Rodney King riots, bringing back to the surface unhealed wounds of deep racial divide within America, due to an untrust of unfair policies used as laws. The Ferguson Effect is also a theory to an incomprehensible growing epidemic of homicides and crimes against African-Americans by African-Americans in African-American communities.

Fala Beats was left with three probing questions for our STL Black biz readers.

1. What moved you create The Ferguson Effect?  

I decided to I wanted to make The Ferguson Effect after seeing the effect of the video I did with several other St.Louis major artists titled “Oh Lord”.

2. How can we connect black businesses and consumers to support each other in order to grow black businesses, products and services in our communities? 

First we have to establish the urgency of “Why” we need to support our own businesses and on top of that we need to offer quality and fair businesses to attract consumers.

3. How do we save ourselves?

How do we save our communities? We save ourselves by understanding what God actually has us here for besides money, until then we are not saving ourselves. We are just merely recycling ourselves.

The focus of “The Ferguson Effect”/Documentary is to bring conversation, that result in responsible social awareness, seek logical solutions that can be implemented, and establish goals that result into actions that are applicable to community development and progressive socioeconomics. This documentary will highlight the citizens whom this problem affects, as well the efforts of American and global institutions that are becoming instrumental in logistical solutions for the problem. Our goal is to bring awareness with a project (“The Ferguson Effect”) that discusses an array of situations and solutions that address American race relations and community development.

Listen to ‪and view #‎OhLord‬ the ‪#‎Epic‬ track from FalaBeats, Kyjuan (of the St.Lunatics), DJJaszBadd, Boogie Bundles, Birdie Mcclendon, K’Hunnit ( of DemGuyz), and Ttone Cday.

You can support The Ferguson Effect Project by visiting their GoFundMe site at

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