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The Newest Pool of Untapped Talent Is the Black Entrepreneur Woman

The Newest Pool of Untapped Talent Is the Black Entrepreneur Woman

The tech industry should seek to add more minorities to their ranks for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s good for business, according to a new study.

For a long while, critics have accused the tech sector of lacking racial diversity and now comes the #ProjectDiane Report called “The Real Unicorns of Tech: Black Women Founders,” from Digitalundivided (DID), an organization that seeks to help black and Latina women start their own tech companies. DID says its data was gathered over a four-year period.

DID said 3 percent of Facebook’s incoming employees during 2013 (36 out of 1,213) were black — currently the social network has a total of 81 black US employees out of 4,263, DID researchers found. Of Twitter’s 4,000 employees, 49 are black, and at Google, blacks make up 2 percent of the company’s total workforce, DID said. They added that the numbers for Latinos are similar.

Now compare those statistics against the growing numbers of black female business owners. DID says black women are the fastest growing group [read more]……

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