The Shoe Clinic of Birmingham

The Shoe Clinic of Birmingham is the first black first sneaker dry cleaning company in Birmingham, Alabama. We’re all familiar with men getting their shoes shined. But what about our sneakers? Yes our sneakers. I’m sure many can attest that some people are spending large amounts on buying new tennis shoes. We wear them a few months and then we toss them to the curb. Some even go as far to get rid of them with only a scratch.  But then you have folks like myself and others who believe in saving money and taking their dollars as far as possible.

The Shoe Clinic BirminghamThen comes along Tavaris Godbolt and Alvin Miller. This entreprenuer tag team are the creators behind Alabama’s first Black-owned sneaker dry cleaning service. The Shoe Clinic, began in Godbolt’s home with him using special cleaning techniques used to clean an old pair of Air Jordan’s he could not part with. After posting the results on social media people wanted to know how they did it. From  there The Shoe Clinic was born. For those unable to make it to their store customers can use a special kit at home.

The Shoe Clinic of Birmingham  are not only concerned with money. They also believe in giving back to the community. They believe that helping others is necessary. Their “Sole Care” donations program gives others the opportunity to donate their unwanted shoes. The shoes are restored and given to the homeless and poorer residents in the Birmingham area at no cost.


The Southeast’s only sneaker dry cleaners specializes in restoring sneakers into looking brand new. They also buy and sell gently used sneakers.

Here’s more information on The Shoe Clinic



PHONE: 205-253-8581


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