ToddleWood Meets Hollywood

ToddleWood Meets Hollywood. Tricia Messeroux recreates the Golden Globes red carpet. The Ultimate Kids’ Dress Up Time Thanks To Tricia Messeroux. Wouldn’t it be great to to what you love to do and to get paid for it? Well Trician Messeroux has been blessed with that opportunity.

Recently Hollywood celebrated one of its biggest annual celebrations, The Golden Globe Awards. Many find themselves looking closely at celebrities walking the red carpet hoping to get a glimpse at what all of the stars are wearing.

Then there’s the ToddleWood catwalk. What is ToddleWood you ask? ToddleWood projects images of everyday kids posing as celebrities walking the runway. This is the ultimate kids dress up time, only for the whole world to see.

Tricia Messeroux, the founder of ToddleWood came up with the idea in 2008, when she decided to take photos of her then three year old daughter, Skylar. Many people shared with Messeroux that her daughter looked like Diana Ross. With that Tricia Messeroux realized that she had something on her hands.

Messeroux was not always a photographer by trade. She was actually a former ad executive who decided to step out and become a photographer fulltime.

Since the first shoot, Messeroux has received submissions from hundreds of pint-sized hopefuls. “My process now to think about what the look that I want to  achieve is, so it needs to be an iconic celebrity or a political figure or someone notable, or a moment in time,” she explained. ”Like when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch, or when the Obama’s did the fist bump. It has to be either a really fantastic look or moment in time.”

Since 2009 Tricia Messeroux has styled little people pulling off the looks as celebrity lookalikes such as JLo, Beyonce, Kevin Hart, Angelino Jolie, Amy Schumer, Taraji P Henson,  Lupita Nyong’o and previously tons of others.

Messeroux is a self-taught photographer, who once worked as an ad executive with Saatchi and Saatchi, so she knows a thing ot two about branding. In addition to ToddleWood she also has a web series, TriciaTV, TriciaTV interviews kids from the ages of 5-17,where they actually play themselves and not celebrities.

Check out the Toddlewood Gallery for Messeroux’s mini celebrity lookalikes.

Click through the gallery to see more pictures from Messeroux’s Golden Globes ToddleWood shoot and find out how she and her team executed the mini-me fashion moments.

Learn more about Toddlewood by visiting here.


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