Updating and Editing Your Listing

STL Black Biz

Updating and editing your listing will help you the business owner. Once you list your business you will have the ability to edit information within your listing.

Our staff has updated our website allowing you to sign in and edit your listing as needed. You will also be able to reset your password. Updating and editing your STL Black Biz listing couldn’t be easier.

In the website’s menu you will click “Sign Into Your Listing”.

While updating and editing your website if you attempt to log in with no success click at the bottom where it says, “Lost Your Password”.

From there you will be instructed to enter the email used to create your listing. A link will be sent to your email allowing you to reset your password.

Here is the link to log in https://stlblackbiz.com/dashboard/.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to our staff at info@stlblackbiz.com.

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