Whites Offer To Pay Reparations

Whites Offer To Pay Reparations

Whites offer to pay reparations. Yes you heard right! Whites are offering to pay reparations to African Americans.

There is a website that was created in order to give whites an opportunity to give back to black people as a way to repay reparations due to people of color. The brainchild behind it is Natasha Marin,a black conceptual artist who has created one of the most interesting websites ever in my opinion.

The concept actually started with a Facebook event. Marin invited her black friends to post requests of things they needed to feel better. In turn she asked her white friends to help with what they could. This small experiment has grown into something bigger.

Whites Offer To Pay Reparations

The Reparations website was created for people of color to visit and for ask assistance from people who are moved  to give back. I visited the website and I was surprised to see blacks making requests and whites offering help. Most of the request are pretty simple.

I found that the offers out weighed the requests. When I last visited there were 81 offerings, 48 requests and 78 satisfied. Various types of offerings are being made such as new mommy support, grocery card giveaways, employment and job search assistance, academic assistance, meals and even tickets for a date night.

Whites Offer To Pay Reparations


Check these out….

Request: I live in #Seattle and could really use a little pampering. If you have the means and ability to provide a massage, spa, or hot gentle yoga. Any type of loving for this beautiful strong body that is carrying a lot right now. This mama is in need of some self-care and love.

Offer: I live in Olympia, WA and can provide support to new moms with baby care, house tidying, and I am also a birth doula, who can answer questions and networking support for those who are seeking.

Those requesting the help and those offering the help seem to approach it in an humble spirit. Even though I’m sure some people are skeptical.

According to the creator, Natasha Marin, “It’s about reparations for things that happened earlier today, for yesterday, for last Thursday,” she said. “This is for the present tense.” Here’s the basic concept: White people have created a political and cultural system that discriminates against and excludes people of color every day. Therefore, white people have a responsibility to actively work to level the playing field for the people of color who are disadvantaged and threatened by racism and racial inequality.

Visit for more information and to see for yourself.






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