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The Internet Is Your Friend: STL Black Info Series

The internet is your friend. Believe it or not the internet really is your friend regardless of what you may have heard.

Back in the day in order to have a successful business word of mouth and a listing in the yellow pages was enough. In today’s age of technology this is no longer enough. In order to be on top of your game you have to be a part of social media. With Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Google and of course Facebook, along with others you have to join the club or get left behind.

You have most likely heard it over and over that people use the internet for everything. Yes they’re right!
For the next few weeks STL Black Biz will be bringing you information and tips on using the internet, websites and social media to help your business.

We’ll be bringing you tons of exciting information really soon! So stay on the lookout!

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