The Beatty Sisters and generational wealth. Take three strong, empowered, black women who are also sisters and what do you have? You have the Beatty Sisters.

Twins Sharrone and Sharon, along with the youngest sibling Shanika are the Beatty Sisters from St. Louis. Between themselves, they are the owners of several businesses. Their businesses include a hair salon, the family cleaners, a do-it-yourself cupcake design studio, two craft stores, a home care agency, along with residential property,

The Beatty Sisters and generational wealth. Raised and bred in University City, a suburb of St. Louis the trio grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs. Practically their whole life they were subtly taught Business 101 from their dad Leon Beatty.

Leon Beatty founded Cleancrafts Cleaners in 1979. His mission was to provide the best dry cleaning and laundry services while providing a friendly and clean atmosphere.

Their father bought the building that sits at the corner of Union and Pershing in the Central West End. This location is known to family and friends as The Corner.

Even though they are super women none of them were ever interested in becoming entrepreneurs.  However, when their father fell sick the trio showed up to keep the family business running smoothly.

As noted before the Beatty Sisters are the owners of several businesses within the St. Louis area. The youngest sibling Shanika is the owner of the House of Vinyl in New Orleans and residential property. Shanika is also a Doctor of Pharmacy by trade.

Sharon and Sharrone also own several businesses in St. Louis. Salon B, Cake Fusion, Just Vinyl and Crafts, their home care agency, Union Pershing Development, and of course the Cleancrafts family cleaners that started it all.

As with any business there are many ups and downs. However, the Beatty Sisters have found a way to push through their challenges with success waiting on the other side.

Stay tuned for an upcoming exclusive interview with The Beatty Sisters discussing generation wealth and of course Black Entrepreneurship.

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